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Human-Engineered Drawers - Square Design

The Modular STOR-FRAME® Drawer for Tool Storage

Modular Stor-Loc Drawers

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Designed by Advanced Computer Specialists, INC.

The 24 ½” square STOR-LOC® Standard-Wide drawer was ergonomically designed to accommodate the reach of the average
person from either the front or the side, increasing picking productivity. Picking stock or retrieving parts from the side keeps aisles clear for increased efficiency and productivity.

Ten drawer sizes are available for use in any combination in either the STOR-LOC® Tool Cabinet or the STOR-FRAME® System.

Full visibility and access to drawer contents, regardless of size, is made possible by the double roller tracks 100% drawer extension. Six high-quality steel ball bearings and four roller bearings assure smooth operation and will support loads of up to 400 pounds per drawer.