Determining Drawer Needs
Does your storage area look like this?
With the help of a STOR-LOC representative, it can look like this!

Needs Analysis Survey
Your STOR-LOC representative will survey your present storage system, listen to your requirements for future growth and expansion and provide layouts of suggested solutions -- all at no cost or obligation to you. He also ensures every detail is considered when estimating ordering and installing your new storage system.

Establishing a System
First you must establish a method of organization.
There are three basic options available:
Random Storage. This method provides extremely high density storage and a high degree of storage flexibility.

It may, however, limit the speed and efficiency of item location when storing or retrieving. 
Organization by Family. Items can be grouped according to use or function.

Facilitates easy location and efficient storage/retrieval. Less effective utilization of the cube than the first method.
Organization by Part Number Sequence. Parts can be located with maximum efficiency.

However, this method provides the least efficient utilization of the cube.

Random Organization by Size
1.) Organize items into groupings based on height.
2.) Determine the number of square feet needed for eachheight group, based on average inventory levels.
3.) Divide the number of square feet needed for each size group by 1.0 (the area of a standard drawer) to determine the number of drawers needed For example: If 16 sq. ft. are needed to accommodate height group A: 16/4 = 4. Thus, four drawers will be required.
4.) Allow for expansion. It is generally a good practice to allow yourself 10-25 percent for future expansion. If you are aware of planned growth or expansion, add that to the standard expansion factor.
5.) Select drawers based on the heights of items to be stored. For example: If your part heights range from 2-1/2"to 3-1/2", a Model 120 drawer would be your best choice. It is always better to allow for greater clearance while selecting drawer height.
6.) Select cabinet sizes to meet your needs.



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