Steel Dividers 
Powder-coated steel dividers further separate drawers when used
with slotted partitions. Dividers slide into slots of partitions or drawer
sidewalls to form compartments.

Plastic Bins - A Series
Modular design made of tough plastic. Choose from two sizes.
Usable height – 2 inches

Layout No. 8 
(4 Compartments)
- 1 slotted partition
- 2 divider plates 16U

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Layout No. 9 
(36 Compartments)
- 5 slotted partitions
- 20 divider plates 5U
- 10 divider plate 6U

Drawer Layouts and Accessories

Label Holders 
Transparent Label Holders clip onto plastic bins, grooved trays, and steel dividers. Angled at 45° for easy readability. Available in two widths.


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Layout No. 3
(20 Compartments)
- 3 slotted partitions
- 16 divider plates 8U

Standard Drawer Layouts
Our nine most popular drawer layouts shown below. See drawer layout manual MD-4 to choose other great layouts. Also, custom drawer layouts available.

Grooved plastic trays and small parts containers

STOR-LOC® Drawers are easily configured to perfectly match a wide variety of storage
needs, from small parts such as fasteners and connectors, to delicate measuring equipment,
cutting tools and electronic parts. STOR-LOC® small parts containers and grooved plastic
trays create custom layouts and drawer interiors to meet your specific needs.

Plastic Bins - N Series 
Modular design made of tough plastic. The N series can be subdivided in half or in quarters using either one or two divider panels.
Usable height – 2 inches

Layout No. 7 
(25 Compartments)
- 4 slotted partitions
- 12 divider plates 6U
- 8 divider plates 7U

Layout No. 1
(16 Compartments)
- 3 slotted partitions
- 12 divider plates 8U

Slotted Partitions 
Powder-coated steel partitions subdivide drawers from front-to-back or left-to-right. Each partition has slots which are 3/4” apart, to accept further subdivisions of drawers.

Layout No. 6
(6 Compartments)
- 2 slotted partitions
- 2 divider plates 10U
- 1 divider plate 12U

Grooved Plastic Trays 
Available in three sizes and designed to protect side-sensitive tooling and plug gauges, Grooved Plastic Trays are excellent for storing drills, taps and reamers.

Layout No. 4
(20 Compartments)
- 4 slotted partitions
- 14 divider plates 6U
- 1 divider plate 8U

Layout No. 5
(12 Compartments)
- 2 slotted partitions
- 6 divider plates 10U
- 3 divider plates 12U

Drawer Liners 
Anti-slip Drawer Liners provide cushioning and abrasion protection for drawer contents.

Layout No. 2
(22 Compartments)
- 2 slotted partitions
- 16 divider plates 10U
- 3 divider plates 12U