STOR-LOC® Solutions For Tool Storage
Popular Models

Order our most popular configurations of tool cabinets with a single model number!

We have assembled some of the most frequently used cabinet/drawer combinations to make it easy to order with
one model number. Select standard drawer layouts and accessories. STOR-LOC® Cabinet and STOR-FRAME® units are assembled are ready to use.
Desk Height - 27" tall
desk high tool storage unit 27"
Desk Height - 30" tall
desk height 30"
Bench Height - 33" tall
bench height tool storage unit 33"

  Eye Level Height - 59" tall
eye level 59" tool storage unit

To order STOR-LOC® Cabinets or STOR-FRAME®
units with pre-engineered drawer layouts, change the prefix “SW” or “SF” to prefix “RM”. Drawer layouts are configured as follows:

STOR-FRAME Height - 78" tall
78" tall STOR-FRAME high tool cabinet

Counter Height (seated) - 41" tall
counter height 41" tool storage

Counter Height (standing) - 45" tall
45" counter height tool storage

tool storage units

tool storage modular drawer units

Modular Drawer System
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