STOR-LOC® Cabinet Configuration
How to configure a cabinet

modular drawer cabinet configuration

It’s easy to configure your STOR-LOC® Cabinet

Once you have calculated your drawer requirements and selected the cabinet width, determine the proper cabinet height by adding the drawer model numbers until they equal the cabinet model number.

1) Select a cabinet width

STOR-LOC® offers six widths:

  • Narrow-Wide (NW) 23”
  • Standard-Wide (SW) 29¼”
  • Standard-Wide PLUS (SW+) 32½”
  • Extra-Wide (EW) 43¼”
  • Extra-Wide PLUS (EW+) 46”
  • Double-Wide (DW) 58¼”

2) Choose drawer heights

Choose the ideal sizes for your application from a range of 10 drawer heights.

3) Determine cabinet height

Add all drawer model numbers used to find the cabinet model number. STOR-LOC® will make any cabinet model on a 20 point (20mm) increment at no additional charge.

4) Choose drawer layouts

Specify a corresponding drawer layout for each drawer model from those shown.

drawer layouts

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